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1200-243 LISBOA
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8th anniversary of the Bairro Alto Hotel mai13_01

May 13

The Bairro Alto Hotel will celebrate in May its 8th anniversary. Inaugurated in 2005 as the first 5-star boutique hotel, it is nowadays a reference in the hotel sector, having won several national and international awards.

Throughout these 8 years, a lot has happened at the Bairro Alto Hotel. Plenty of stories, successes, several international awards, unique moments and close friendships. And having friends sharing their stories is a real treasure. So, we have invited a group of people, who are already friends, who have travelled with us throughout these 8 years, to share their experiences or simply describe what the Bairro Alto Hotel means to them.

We share with you the opinion and view of some of our clients and friends, making us proud of these 8 years:

Mafalda Arnauth
"I have been lucky enough to find in plenty of my travels some places that I can really call Home, considering the cosiness and warmness of the place.
But the Bairro Alto Hotel will always have a deeper meaning in this Home symbology, due to the particularities of the unique moments I was able to enjoy at Bairro Alto Hotel, often before or after crucial concerts in my career or fundamental promotion actions for the many moments I have lived, or simply as a visitor. I always felt touched by the incredible hospitality of the staff; I even dare to call it Nest; Refuge; Shelter.
The relation I have with the design of the hotel, the rooms, each corner allows me to feel protected at any time and never out of context and it is this rapport with the atmosphere that I always keep with me, regardless of the time that goes by without returning there.
I remember one night when, having attended a somewhat “uninspired” and disturbing concert, along with some friends in a nearby theatre, we looked for “consolation” at the Restaurante Flores and we were widely compensated thanks to the kindness, amazing gastronomy and reaffirmation of what I already knew we could find at BAH: a Soul!
And I was eternally grateful for knowing that there is a place where I can always return with confidence.
Congratulations to the Bairro Alto Hotel! And a long life…"

São José Correia
Prologue of "Simone and the sky"

Hi, are you there already?
Me too.
I know. Look behind.
I’m looking.
Look up.
Yes. To your left side.
Is that you?
Come to 410.

The plate at the door read Bairro Alto Hotel.
Someone opened the door and he went in.
Can I help you?
Yes, the lift...
Right this way, sir. I’ll show you.
It is not necessary.
Please, I insist.

With the noise of the city beyond the glass door,
the sound of the anxious heart could be heard in the soft and quiet stone of the lobby.

Here you are.
Thank you.

He had this strange feeling
of entering a space ship with a thousand metal wires.
And the truth is that he had entered a space lift going to heaven.
Heaven 410.

Eduardo Souto de Moura
Room one hundred and one…
The Bairro Alto Hotel is just 20 meters away from my office in Lisbon. The staff is efficient and nice as required: nor too aloof nor to close. Room 401 is the room I always get. The walls are of a common beige, the furniture is classic, anonymous and the carpet is of a water green colour over covering the floor. The room has a table where I can draw with direct light from the window facing the Church of Our Lady of Incarnation. The walls have no paintings which is beneficial for the eyes and the mind... Room 401 is almost like any other room. But what makes it different is that, from the bathroom with direct light, one can see the river Tagus between Pombaline stacks – and that is beneficial for the eyes and the mind – first thing in the morning.